The following are student surveys and inventories that will assist with differentiation of instruction and assessment:
This is a simple online interest inventory for older students and adults. It is used to determine career paths. There is a longer, more involved version as well. This could be used to measure student interests in order to plan instructional activities that engage the student.
Contributed by Margaret Ridgeway.
This is a learning styles inventory which contains a link to a detailed explanation of results. Wording used suggests it would be for older students, high school and above. This would be helpful in determining preferences to make learning more effective and in order to accurately assess whether learning has occurred.
Contributed by Margaret Ridgeway.
This is a multiple intelligence survey that helps students or teachers to see what their strengths are. This survey is user friendly and provides an insight on how their intelligences play a role in their learning.
Contributed by Jennifer Potter.

Learning Profiles Survey -
This survey is a detailed questionnaire to provide information about students learning preferences based on 45 responses. Students would choose from numbers 4 to 1, to represent a trait that was most like them to least like them respectively. The questionnaire assesses several categories including: visual language; visual numerical; auditory language; auditory numerical; individual learner; group learner; expressiveness – oral; expressiveness- written; kinesthetic – tactile. A student who scores between 33-40 points in a category that is considered their major learning style, a score of 32-20 in any category would represent a minor learning style and scores between 20-5 are considered negligible use.
Contributed by Valerie Richardson.

Multiple Intelligence Survey:
I really like this format of this survey, I like that they used the smiley faces. My kindergarteners are just learning to read so using the smiley faces are much easier for them to answer. We are doing a lot of pictograms with smiley faces so they are used to seeing them and would feel comfortable doing a worksheet with them.
Contributed by Marie Neels.

Looking at the learning style study survey I have found some very good questions that I chose to try and use in the survey I created for my class to take as they come into my classroom at the beginning of the school year.
Contributed by David Pavlick.

Here was another learning inventory that really helped me to see how to organize a survey my students are going to take when they enter my class. Looking at a class so I can figure out how I will be able to touch all the different learners could make or break whether or not they do well as a collective group.
Both of these surveys have some great information and very good questions.
Contributed by David Pavlick.